About I – Copyright Issues?!

Copyright Issues?!


This is about a small problem I had recently, regarding a post from here, so… I consider that perhaps in future other companies or agents or people may want to find out some particular aspects:

I understand that many companies/websites could have rules/terms for their content, shared to the public. Let’s assume that someone[as me, for example] comes and take an article or other things you may share on your website and posting it on another website. Please, try to understand these facts: I do not consider a copyright infringement or violation of any right, if someone mentions the source of information, also with a link, and everything what believes that is necessary that a company/website be mentioned as rightfull owner of the article/image/etc. A copyright violation then could be formed when someone does not specify where/what is the source of information, etc things who provide authenticity of the owner. Yet, I do understand the fact that some companies/websites would consider such action of sharing as a violation of copyright – therefore , I request from these, to be notified, and in such case, I will remove the article, and leave only the link, upon request. Honestly, people, I believe that such rules are actually ridiculous and saying these, I really hope one day you be enlightened and realize what is the meaning of sharing; if one of your article/image/etc things on website is assuming that is Shared, then, also mention that you do not allow reposting/publishing it someplace else. Why? Cos not every visitor has to read under your Terms & Conditions pages where are tons of texts, and debate over the possibility of sharing something nice from your pages on other websites. I consider that this way, all that you share is alike you ask money from someone just because it looked over your shop products. Is pity that world of art suffers such things. There is nobody malevolent into sharing your nice things across other websites, especially if mentions the source of information and everything what is necessary for attesting ownership of an website/company. Yet, if someone really wants a copyright infringement, is easy to do, as for example your article has 1000 words and that person takes 300 words from your articles and mixing with another 2000 words of its own and this way, you will never know that you were already owned, or “your so called secrets” are no secrets anymore; so alike, with images, and else stuff. Instead you should admit the fact that a copyright infringement is taking place due to the so called rules you impose them, not because your so-called protection against…”sharing”. Yet, is not my nature to judge these. Instead, I posted these aspects in the hope that some of you will really understand more things concerning our modern society and what is the meaning of sharing art. Also, saying these, I wish to take under considerations my words, and if happens that a company/website/person comes and consider a copyright violation the process of sharing, to notify me which article/image/etc belongs to it, and  then my actions will be of removing the link/image/article/etc what may disrupt “the balance”. I  am a fair person and I never wished to damage the aspect of sharing art, and if posting your article, image or other thing, for you or your company/website is an issue and see it negative, please let me know and I will correct the issue. These beings said, I notify everyone that my intentions are honorable and not in the detriment of a person/company/website.





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